Fun Factor, What's Yours?

So after a few days I’m liking social, having fun in Ranked which I’m surprised myself with. However my favorite of all time BTB, just isn’t doing it for me in the fun category. So much so after only a few matches I’ve strayed away.

The game of BTB left me feeling Big Time By myself and feeling lonely in those games. Like in all other Halo games there was always at least one or two randoms with mics talking. In Infinite none. And the maps just aren’t that great to be honest. It seems like the engagements between players is stale due to map design. In my opinion to much vertical design with too much clutter, instead of streamline design of past BTB maps like SandTrap.

Other then BTB I’m enjoying Infinite so far and I know BTB will see some love later.

What’s your fun Factor so far?


I feel the same about BTB, it’s just not very fun, and I think it’s largely in part because of map design. Too often I find myself not engaged, it sounds like battles are happening from a distance in isolated parts of the map. BTB in H3 is different and you feel closer to your teammates in battle.

Also, stockpile is not a great game type. Players are just running around on their own picking up seeds for the base, and not much team play in the games I’ve played.

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I ayed a few more rounds of BTB today. Played two games of Stockpile on the map Deadlock. Both first for me. And both games happened to be a blast even though I lost the second game due to what you said.

Played a third game of Total Control on Deadlock as well and also had fun. So it definitely has to due with the maps. Whichever map is the Halo 4 remake, is just not that fun at all and do t care too much for the other forest theme map. Deadlock is a sure win so far.