Fun Customs idea

Kinda like the custom power-up where you pick-it up and receive different traits you customized before the game starts, how about while creating the gametype we customize each weapon with different traits. For example, make the rocket launcher as weak as the plasma pistol or the plasma pistol as strong as the rockets. You could have every weapon customized with different traits doing whatever damage you give that weapon in one gametype instead of having to rely on custom power-ups with only one change.

This I think is good idea because:

  1. Traditional Halo players really could turn the BR into a 4SK, maybe useful in classic playlist.
  2. It would make custom games fun to mess around with.
  3. It would make Fiesta Slayer more challenging trying to figure out what is the true power weapon.
  4. Altering the weapon traits could affect a map being built, like a maze, puzzle obstacle course, etc.

Remember, this is a customs idea. Don’t hate the idea when you could easily ignore it.

so no one else thinks this is good?

I like this. New layers of customization and gametype tinkering are always welcome in my book

I have wanted this ever since Reach was released. That would be amazing if there were weapon traits. That way, you can truly create your own unique, custom experience.

very nice idea it would work good quiet well. it would be cool also if weapons on the map had random stats to mix the gameplay a bit more