Fun Custom Game Night !

I will be hosting a custom games lobby in about an hour to see how much fun we can have with it at its current state. There will be 3 different game types, including the "Scatterbrains " gametype that I thought looked really fun to try out. If you have any custom gametypes you would like to try out, just message me and request to be the host.

No mics needed, just join the fun. Comment on this post for an invite or just simply join my game session.

Games will begin at 7:30pm eastern (One hour from now)

yo send me a inv my gamertag is


For sure

By the way my Gamertag is the same as my Waypoint username.

We will start as soon as there is enough people. Starting to invite all recent players to try and fill up the lobby.
Here are the prepared game types:

Scatterbrain, paintball, and Team Super Duel.

All pretty self explanatory once you spawn.

Bump. We got a few people and just need a few more to start the match. Its a great game type guys.

Send me an invite, GT same as Waypoint.

Oh yay, lets play some infection! …oh wait -_-

I’m interested in joining in some custom games.