Fun 2v2 Tournament tomorrow!

If anyone here loves playing competitive custom games and need more people to play with(like me), maybe we can pool a bunch of players and just run a quick bracket tomorrow(in the spirit of March Madness?)! No prizes unless someone really wants to provide them, this would be strictly for fun. If I get enough people for 16 teams I would run that, but there could be more.

If you’re interested post your Gamertag below and any feedback such as size of teams, size of bracket, gametypes, and whatever else you feel necessary. Also, bring your friends/team! I wanna see this happen!

I’m posting this on other platforms to hopefully gain some traction for this. If you want to play but don’t have a team/friends to bring still post your gamertag below and I’ll add your name to a pool of players and randomly generate teams if I have to.

I’m thinking tomorrow at say 3pm Central for this.

My teammates from back in the h3 days finally gave it up so i’m down but i’d need a partner.Gt: Don Chase champion/onyx player so im def not total garbage lol