fully automatic help.

So, i done my testing/research (Researching is fun in reach :D) and these are my results. Take of them as you will.

–note: All was done at close range (about a mongoose width apart.)

Gun------------------------------Seconds/kill--------------Ammo consumption
All purpose super weapon (DMR)---------4.5------------7 rounds (no head shot)
MG6 pistol-----------------------4 (no spamming)-------7 rounds (no head shot)
MA37 ICWS (Assault rifle)-------------4-----------------31 rounds
Needler-------------------------------4.9------------------16 rounds
Spiker--------------------------------4.12-----------------21 rounds
Plasma Repeater-----------------------3.5---------------12 battery
Plasma Rifle--------------------------4.25----------------6 battery

That is what i found out. Has this help you in any form to get an understanding of the weapons. Response?

I thought the AR killed faster

Are the automatic weapons with or without melee?