Fully automated challenge glitched.

Stuck on 13/15… Got 24 ar kills and no completion… Any fixes??

I feel ur pain… multiple games of 15+ and no progress from 13/15… i believe its probably because it is also a daily challenge for 13 kills and saves as the challenge completed with 13 and cant go up… idk just spitballing… but im bein robbed 6.25k xp… not cool

Stuck as well.

13/25 after I played a game with 23 AR kills.

The thing is, I had already completed this challenge this week yet it was unlocked again for me to complete…

+1 here too

Something weird is happening…I finished it 2 days ago and when I logged on today it was incomplete. I went 27-8 with 19 AR kills and it didn’t say I completed it. Maybe just a visual bug?

EDIT: Just got 9 kills with it in a game and it gave me the daily Fully Automated…What?

This isn’t the first thread: https://forums.halowaypoint.com/yaf_postst175131_Fully-Automated-weekly-Not-working.aspx

But I was there as well, not sure what the deal is, but after a few more matches, the challenge finally popped for me. I posted the info in the Known Issues thread in the Halo 4 section.

me too, i hate using the AR so it’s super annoying.