Fullscreen borderless Feature Needed

Currently, I have to use Windowed mode as I have a 5120x1440p Samsung G9 Odyssey monitor. It’s huge and perfect (kek).
My preference would be to use fullscreen borderless, BUT the issue is that I cannot select the screen resolution I want the game in as fullscreen borderless just forces the game into your monitor’s native resolution, which for me is obviously 5120x1440. I want to run it in 2560x 1440p. I don’t mind native resolution for campaign as frames don’t matter too much, but I’d prefer to get max performance when in MP.
It’d be nice to have the option to select what screen resolution you want fullscreen borderless to run at.

There’s a render scale option that only goes down to 71% of the total resolution, it can go further if you assign a forced framerate.

It’s not playing at 16:9 like you want, but that’s the best solution I have with limited knowledge of ultra wide monitors (assuming you’re running PC).

Unless you go for a forced screen resolution in your GPU settings (assuming you’re running this on PC) but I’m not sure if that’s doable on ultrawides as I’ve never messed with one. (Quite content with individual panels, I get an ultra wide real estate at minimal impact, and avoid issues associated with a single large panel with only a few bezels in the way)

That’s the best I got, 32:9 is fun concept, but boy does it have a long way to go.

That does not fix anything, as it will still be in 32:9 aspect ratio, but look squishy. I want to play in 16:9, not 32:9, Does that make sense?

Yeah it makes sense.

It most likely cannot be done using in game settings in that case.

However you might be able to assign 2560x1440 “window” as a custom resolution on your monitor using your GPU control panel. The game should recognize the 2560x1440 resolution and adjust settings accordingly. But like I said, I don’t run an ultrawide, not sure how ultrawide resolution settings work in a GPU interface, so I’m merely speculating potential workarounds here.

That’s probably the best you’ll be able to achieve if it’s even possible. Might be worth a shot?

Yeah this is one way, but I’m not doing that lol. Every other game I own allows fullscreen borderless and a selectable resolution/window. Doesn’t force native. It’s just a band-aid. I’ll just use windowed till they fix the feature lol.
Thanks for chatting man.