Fullscreen, Borderless, and Windowed video settings

Will there be a fullscreen mode implemented into the video settings of Halo Infinite? My PC setup cannot handle Borderless mode and can only get 30FPS total.

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Not entirely sure, I thought it was just borderless full screen at launch, there is also an option to set fps that I don’t think was in flight. The flights were older builds so you might be ok on launch with a newer build

On the old forums there was a PC specific thread for feedback from the flight. It was mentioned a lot on there being a needed option, so hopefully they heard that loud and clear.

It seems most peoples systems run games a lot better in full screen mode. I really hope it’s there at launch.


I hope so. My default resolution is a little to high and is only giving me 30FPS unfortunately.

It supports HDR and that is best under full screen, so lets hope. B4B has no full screen and now Forza doesn’t either, not a good trend… Makes G-Sync less useful.

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Genuine question - but is full screen something that isn’t normal for games? I’m not a big pc gamer, but it seems like that would be standard? I think I’m missing something.

I’m going to assume that Infinite uses Microsoft’s new flip model for windowed mode. Basically you’ll get the same performance as you would with a traditional exclusive fullscreen mode.
Google “DXGI flip model” for more info, I can’t post links here.

Gsync can work in borderless too I believe. It works best in full screen from what I’ve read though.

Correct, it’s a lot more buggy but is still an option at least.

we need full screen!!!