Full Time Halo Reach players come together.

I’m back playing halo reach full time again full time meaning that’s the only game i’m playing cough HATE HALO 4.
So i would just like to ask you guys, If you’re a very active halo reach player please add me my GT- HT GDM.

What country you from. Just want to know for connection purposes.

UK but i have Fiber Optic so i generally get host. 50mb broadband speed i that ok?

Cool il add you. By the way, do you have the map packs.

I’m also from UK.

awesome man add me

I am a full time halo reach player and my GT is Vivasiousrouge

Hey checkout: Navcom.enjin.com, we are a full time Halo:Reach clan and are very active, we are also based off the UNSC. Check us out.