Full Spectrum Firefight - A critical look at Firefight in Matchmaking

Hi folks!

I would like to draw your attention to a detailed look at Firefight as it exists today in Matchmaking. Ghaleon takes an in-depth look and goes over the mode with a critical eye and brings forward some interesting solutions to the problems he has found.

Ghaleon sets out his vision for the perfect Firefight experience.


If you agree or disagree about any of the points raised in the article, we’d love to hear from you.

he raises some good points especially about idlers and the degeneration of the limited/odst experience, though I do take exception to the obvious disregard for the arcade playlist - many of the solutions seem to suggest taking the problems limited players experience such as idlers and make it more agreeable for these useless corpses to want to play arcade fight rather then his precious limited fight, IDLERS belong in NO playlist and should not be encouraged to go anywhere but to the morgue (therefore boot them for inactivity) - but i digress - i play a lot of arcade fight and quite enjoy it so well I can appreciate the efforts to renew the old school odst experience (which a got fed up in not getting in limited and switch to primarily arcade because it was the lesser of two evils) which i would eagerly await a playlist with a more hardcore cache of players and longer more challenging games, it seems like he sees the arcade side of the spectrum as useless bananas where only degenerate lowlifes like to play - I assure you this is not the case