Full Circle

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As most of you know Bungie is soon going to stop stat tracking for Halo 3 along with other features like films, render minuets, and recon no longer available to grab. Do you have any final goals for Halo 3 specifically before it will never be updated on the site again?

I think it’s uncertain how much data waypoint will have for Halo 3 stats after the transition so I think it’s safe to say if you enjoyed your stats on bungie.net you should make your stats page the best it can be as a testemant to all the years you’ve dedicated and played this great game known as Halo 3 =)

I love Halo 3 and I figure if the stats are gunna die and be frozen on bungie.net I better make my stats pages look the prettiest I can with all my goals complete. I really doubt waypoint will have as much detail in stats for Halo 3 as bungie did so I’m making one final effort. A couple of playlists I still want to reach the General exp rank in (like BTB) and get recon for one final account I have. I also have one account with over 50 perfections and I’d like to hit number 77 in tribute to the bungie day where players that had 77 exp earned recon afterward.

I hate to know the end is near and things are shutting down / being forgotten on an era in gaming for me that will always be full of good memories. I guess nothing good can last forever but it’s a shame to not see the same enjoyment and fun carry over for players to watered down reach.

I know what my last image for my stats page will be. It will be me standing on the first multiplayer map in Halo 3 I ever played on with my favorite armor and with the title “Full Circle” for the image. We have indeed come full circle finally after all
these years …

So what goals do you have and things you’d like to complete before the stats freeze over like solid ice?

I want to finally get my 50. That’s it.

Reading that made me sad :frowning:
All the memories!

I hate knowing this, that all of the games I will play in the future will never be updated on Bungie.net, something that I have always loved, and loved the fact that Bungie did it for us. I’ll miss Halo 3, had great memories with friends, for example, achievement hunting for that damn Katana x) I play halo 3 more than reach as of now, and hearing this news, breaks my heart, :(. <3 you Halo 3. And as far as final goals go, I don’t think I’ll get any of mine -.-

Edit: And I wish to join you in the quest of getting recon for your third account. =]

I too know how you feel with bungie’s stats dieing. Their stats have so much more to offer then waypoint does. I hope waypoints update…

I’m going to get 6000 total experience. I’m only four wins away, so no real rush.

Nothing really, other than get my last achievement; Two For One. Unfortunately, my (third) Xbox 360 is dead, so I won’t be doing it anytime in the near future.

I like the screenshot idea. I may have to do that as well, especially since Halo 3 was the first game I ever played on Xbox Live and I was so happy when I got my account hooked up to Live.

It was either BTB on Sandtrap or Team Doubles on Guardian, I’ll have to look that up.