Fuel Rod Ordnance Percentage ?

The fuel rod is my last weapon I need to finish. I feel like other than spawning randomly on a few maps in big team it never comes up in ordnance in big team or any other playlist with ordnance. I just want to finish it already but I can never get it to do so. Any tips for me that would be great. thanks.

BTB. Requisition. Ordnance priority.

I recommend:

Big team battle
Ordinance Priority
Camp in Bravo base.
Active Camo if you are feeling a little cheap. :wink:

If you get fuel rod on valhalla, you are doomed. Most of the time, you can’t get close enough to someone without being shot down. You could make a mad dash to their base and camp in it like a good troll. Take a ghost or mongoose lol.

Unfortunately, the FRG does nothing in MP. You’d be better off trying to pull an Emile cross-map.

> BTB. Requisition. Ordnance priority.

> Fuel Rod Ordnance Percentage ?

Here you go. There’s a 1 in 19 (5.26%) chance it will appear in the left slot on large maps.

Source: The Halo Bulletin: 11.14.12