FTG recruiting

Hello fellow halo players! I’m FTG locust. I’m recruiting for a gaming communty called FTG (full throttle gaming). We are a community with 1k+ members. We are focused around halo 4 and 5. I’m recruiting members for the halo 5 squad. We do warzone and custom games and we usually just play for fun, no skill recquired! You may be thinking, “I’m not joining another stupid clan where I can get bossed around and treated with disrespect!” We are NOT a clan and the higher-ups will treat you the same way anyone else would. (As long as you are also respectful.) if you are interested in joining, message me on xbox and I will go through the recruiting process with you. MUST BE 14 YEARS OR OLDER. NO MIC REQUIRED BUT IT MAKES THINGS EASIER.