FT Mithril - Recruiting for i56 Halo 5 4v4 Comp.

Hey guys and gals, thanks for taking the time to look at this.

I am King TurkeyNeck, leader and founder of Fireteam Mithril. I am recruiting for the Insomnia Gaming Festival’s 32-team Halo 5 4v4 tournament.
I’m not an experienced professional but I am certainly an experienced gamer. I’ve played Halo’s since the beginning and managed to rack up over 3000 competitive matches of Halo 2 in less than six months (The joys of being a kid!). Halo aside I am in my tenth year of consistent Xbox Live with over 65k Gamerscore, and a YouTube gaming channel is being steadily built behind-scenes. The Halo universe is something I have always held close to my heart but unfortunately life and its complications (as well as a general dislike for MCC’s diabolical servers) have meant we have drifted apart over the years.

Halo 5 has reignited that initial spirit to become greater, to cross the boundary between casual gaming and competitive eSports. My friend/Xbox circles aren’t quite so determined so I am looking for passionate, dedicated Spartans to help push us into the spotlight. I’ve hit the ground running with an Onyx rank for FFA and Swat, but team-based games have taken a blow due to lack of actual teamwork and communication. I aim to put an end to this!

I work weekdays so those with access most evenings and/or weekends would be ideal. A proven service record is compulsory - no Spartan below a Platinum rank service record will be considered, with Onyx-grade Spartans being preferred. The ability to communicate effectively is essential, and a strict training regime (tailored around our lifestyles but minimal 15 hours p/w) will be enforced with no exceptions.

The tournament itself is £65 to enter, and any prize money (currently £1.5k for the winning team, with prizes scaling down to 4th place) will be shared equally between all members that participate. This may seem like a large amount to gamble but it is situated in the Insomnia Gaming Festival, which costs £55 for a visitor’s weekend pass, so consider it as a geeky holiday too! It takes place from December 11th to the 14th and tickets are selling out fast as there are only 32 teams able to enter, so speedy replies are greatly appreciated.

This could be the start of an entirely new life for you. Professional gaming is nowhere near its peak and I aim for Fireteam Mithril to become a recognisable name in the world of eSports. Our success in the i56 tournament will be the start of a chain of UK tournaments, with the ideal goal of competing in the Halo World Championships. UK Qualifiers are supposedly in December but I will update the team via the team forum on any new information.

Rise to greatness with us, or watch as we Ascend.

Kind Regards,

Edit: I should have included a few more details:

Tournament Location - Birmingham NEC, UK
Transport - Will be arranged nearer the time, I will be either getting a train or potentially a lift
Accommodation - For £20 you can ‘indoor camp’ at the festival. I will be doing this and will bring a 6-man tent to share should you not have a tent (although I would prefer not to!)

Full details are available at https://insomniagamingfestival.com/i56/tournaments/event/halo-5/