So im playing free for all and i get kicked out from not connecting to the host (which i thought halo 5 was played with dedicated servers) besides that i end up on the home screen find myself deranked 1 and my 7000 req points gone total bs man

Same thing happened to me and now it won’t let me play online, I was told it was the server and when it was back online my rank and req points will return, still waiting for this to happen after 10 hours.

Dang man and my thing is i dont care if im i get my rank back or req points all i want is this to be fixed so my time playing the game is enjoyable

Lol as i posted this my req points(that i just aquired) and boost are now gone :frowning:

Yeah at the end of it I don’t really care about my req points and rank I just want to enjoy the game, I haven’t been able to spend much time playing halo 5 the past few weeks but the time I try playing I get this problem and then spend hours trying to find out why my rank and req are gone and why I can’t play halo 5 online at all???

Day 2 problems are still occuring

Day 3, all I can do is play campaign.

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> Day 3, all I can do is play campaign.

If by day 7 nothing happens, take it back for a full refund. That happens to a friend of mine and he waited a month and nothing happened. So don’t hold your breath.