Frozen Loading Screens After Online Matches

So while we all know finding an online match is an issue with the MCC, something that I’ve been experiencing after finally getting into a match is getting stuck on a frozen loading screen, specifically the Halo: The Master Chief Collection space loading screen after completing a match. I’d like to know if this issue happens with anyone else, as well as if other freezes along with this one will be addressed by 343i

Happens to me frequently as well.

Happens to me quite often.

It happens to me even before the game starts

I also get this a lot after a match, I’m ok with that no need to see my -K/D anyway.

My frozen loading screen happened yesterday BEFORE entering the game. It sits there and loads. I even tried taking the disk off and powering down the xbox. But whenever it powered back on (I even waited 24 hours) and reinserting the disk, it picks right back up - stuck on the loading screen. I didn’t spend this money to stare at ASSEMBLY constantly cycling a “loading” wheel.

I don’t seen moderators on these forums fixing anything, so if any USER out there has encountered this and has a fix, I’d really appreciate being able to play my game again.

I seem to have fixed mine by just quitting from the home screen, which was something I didn’t even know was an option. Hey 343 how about some quality control? You’re killing any enthusiasm original Halo players had for your work.