Frostbite Clan is currently looking for you!

Frostbite was initially formed in 2012 to function as the starting basis of a Halo 4 clan, at the time Frostbite was a growing and potential clan until internal issues and RL issues forced the clan to hit the fan. Today, Frostbite has been reformed into a new and much more organized clan dedicated to establishing its claim to Halo 4’s endless community of players and clans and enjoy the new trilogy that has been fortunate enough to fall into the hands of 343i.

Frostbite is a militaristic clan dedicated to establishing its claim to Halo 4’s community and grow to compete with the big leagues. We currently have approximately 20 members and growing.

In order to join the clan you must fill the criteria below:
*Be of at least 12 years old
*Have a Xbox Live Headset of some kind, NO KINECT
*Be willing to change your armor colors, emblem, emblem colors and service tag

*Do not break chain of command
*No smack talking
*Respect members, other clans, other people etc
*No discrimination

Frostbite Marine Core: Standard ground forces of the clan
Frostbite Imperial Navy: The more artistic and support division
Brotherhood of Ice: Guardians of the Clan

Frostbite Marine Core:
-Mech Infantry
-Heavy Armor (Mantis falls under this category)
Frostbite Navy:
-Frostbite Forgers
-Spec Ops - CQC
Brotherhood of Ice:
-White Knights - Guardians of High Officials in the Clan

How to Join
In order to apply to the clan you must do the following:
A. Go to this website and fill out an application:
or B. Add The Sathanas and send me a message asking to join

Thank you for taking the time to read this forum post and I’m looking forward to hearing from you guys and girls!

-The Sathanas

bump, we’re still alive and recruiting for Halo 4!


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