FromSoftware’s “Elden Ring” has taught us something

I dont see the point in paying for Battlepass, who is it for ?
It has only armor and crap stuff that dont effect the game in any way.

That’s a really fancy way of saying “People shouldn’t enjoy things that I don’t enjoy. Also I don’t get why art exists.”

But personally, I haven’t spent a dime on the game. I don’t think it’s worth it. But I did spend money on the COD Warzone battle passes, sometimes.

Elden ring is one of the best games I’ve ever played. I’m glad a game like it exists. I feel 0 motivation to play halo and that probably wont change. I really wish the new one had that special sensation…where it just pulled me in. It didn’t. I don’t think even 10 years would change that. The 2 games are very different and in many ways would be hard to compare but…elden ring will pull the player into its world and have them extremely hooked. It was the same way for dark souls and bloodborne for me. I thought about trying halo again the other day and decided to just watch someone streaming to see if idk…it would entice me to play or motivate…whatever the right word would be. It did the opposite. Same boring stale gameplay.

In todays gaming…one thing that is fun is player expression. How you play the game, and how it is different than someone else. For some games there are classes, characters with differences in abilities, how you use them and how it synergies with other players. This translates in unique matches and gameplay. Dynamic moments in matches etc.

For a game to have equal starts and pull this off imo is a special feat. Halo 5 did this in an amazing way. It didn’t get stale for this reason. It was played so differently from the bottom, middle, and top tier players even among their own tiers. The game had other flaws that affected the player base tho, but its gameplay was just so addictive, the matches always felt different, and across all the years imo it just made the experience last longer.

In infinite it just doesn’t exist. It feels tired, stale, and gets boring really fast. There isnt as many if any dynamic moments in matches. They kind of all blurr together most of the time I played.

Idk its just missing something gameplay wise for someone like me. All the other issues it has just adds to that, but if the gameplay addiction was there for me i wouldn’t care as much. Sometimes I look here to see if anything is different…probably a total waste of time that I do that though.


I kind of feel the same way. if Halo Infinite is suppose to be running on the “new” Slipspace Engine, then I think it would’ve looked a lot better if 343i had used the Unreal 5 engine instead.


The most interesting thing to me about Elden Ring is its graphics

They are good but not cutting edge. It doesnt even bother me that they COULD be better, because the gameplay is solid.



Gameplay is king

20 characters


In 6 years NASA went from putting a man into orbit around the earth, to humans orbiting the moon. But in the same amount of time 343i can’t seem to deliver a complete game…


Well said, OP. Elden Ring’s success only further proves what Halo Infinite should’ve been.


And what we expected…


Everything you have said here is absolutely correct.

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“ultimately I am sold on the way this Halo plays and am willing to grin and bear it at least for a little longer to see if the problems are rectified.”

You forgot the rest, and maybe a few more details making excuses for the F2P model that has ruined the game’s multiplayer experience.

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Shilling would imply that I’m uncompromisingly ignorant of the problems to upsell 343 or the game.

I can simultaneously acknowledge the negativity and issues that are 343’s fault and enjoy the game in a broken state with aspects of the game that do in fact work.

It’s clear you’ve misunderstood. I’ve highlighted my criticism in red and ability to compromise in green so even you can understand it. :wink:


The point is man… everybody agrees just about, that this game is a joke. You always pop up on these topics to play Devil’s advocate, and specifically on these topics. I love Halo too my dude… just not 343I Branded Halo. You’re part of a very small vocal minority that incessantly defends this broken concept of F2P Halo, and it gets annoying. F2P only works in very niche situations, and almost always kills a franchise that has not previously ever been F2P.


The PC version of Elden Ring runs horribly, just like Halo Infinite. At least the open world feels more alive.


Hasn’t taught me something I already didn’t know. Look at Ghost of Tsushima. :man_shrugging:t2:

make and release a finished game with great gameplay and passable graphics, followed by substantial, optional DLC
-Sells incredibly well, is critically acclaimed, and community is happy
make and release half a game with tons of bugs and massive lack of content, unfinished multiplayer and a generic Ubisoft open world marvel movie campaign while promising to fix it later, chasing Fortnite money because “GaaS iS dA fUtUrE”(according to jimmy from Soulless Corporation™)
-Ends up being a dumpster fire while cashing in on the initial hype

not big surprise


But they both were made before being bought by Microsoft…right?

Also worth noting Elden Ring is a single player game, and typically has 150K+ viewers on Twitch, any given time I’ve logged in. Halo struggles to get above 2K outside of an event with drops.

ER is a masterpiece, and I hope it wins FPS GOTY simply for having bows.


Not every aspect.
The gameplay and art style are better.

While this is true, most free-to-play games aren’t complete experiences.

Before I had internet, I played Halo CE-3 for their campaigns, and I probably played through each campaign five or more times.
For Infinite, I played through its campaign about two times, and that was only to get achievements.

I think they could’ve done something similar for Halo Infinite.
It’s unfortunate they didn’t.

For me, it’s the world.
Even if it doesn’t look so good you couldn’t differentiate it from reality, the areas are very atmospheric and exploring them is fun.
The creatures, environments, etc. are interesting to see and learn more about, and there are a lot of things to find, like new armor, weapons, items, quests and enemies.

I think free-to-play (and “microtransactions”) was a mistake for Halo (and any game Microsoft publishes), but with good publishers (or even with no publishers), I think free-to-play can be good.

It incentivizes creating more content for a game more than $60 with $10-$20 expansions does, doesn’t separate players or make expansions pointless, and allows more people to play the games, which means it’s less likely to run out of players as quickly.

In an ideal world, Halo as a free-to-play game could’ve been something great, and it’s unfortunate that it turned out like this.

It’s not just singleplayer, sort of like Infinite isn’t just multiplayer.
Also, Elden Ring has cooperative and competitive multiplayer.

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