FromSoftware’s “Elden Ring” has taught us something

They’ve taught us:

  1. Gamers are happy to pay full price for a complete, well made, polished game.

  2. Devs and publishers are fully capable of seeing huge profits from complete, well made, polished games. ( take note of the lack of any microtransactions whatsoever. It’s all included)

In other words, you don’t have to put out an incomplete mess and then publish updates and patches for 5 years in order to profit from your product. People are fine with waiting and then paying full price if they can trust that the product you’re selling them is both quality and finished.

So what’s the lesson for the consumer? There’s still devs out there that are putting in the time and resources to publish quality finished products. So let’s put our time and money into those games instead. These devs won’t learn until we stop paying for pretty, unfinished, unpolished, rushed garbage. It’s like buying an empty box with decorations on it. Pretty to look at but there’s nothing worthwhile inside.
It’s ironic to me. There’s no other industry that can get away with selling a partial or poorly made product at full price and then send you the rest of the pieces (sometimes at extra cost #EA #Ubisoft) over the course of a decade until it’s finally finished. Why do we allow it here? I refuse to pay for an incomplete, poorly made, or partial product. I am happy to pay for something made right and complete from the start, even if it takes longer to arrive.

Don’t serve me an appetizer and charge me like it’s the main course.


and on top of all that the whole thing can be played entirely offline should you choose and a validation buy it now screen wont pop up making it potentially a dead game if we’re unable to authenticate this process. Other than pure greed it’s baffling how Halo got to be in the position it’s in now. All fans wanted was a return to form for the franchise and this is what they serve up to us

To say fans are frustrated by what MS and 343 has done is quite the understatement


Woah woah don’t forget that ER never suffered from complete corporate corruption. Its honestly funny how little content a game like Halo could launch but Bungie’s gone so we’re stuck with this item shop with a few minigames on the side


Halo Infinite isn’t even “pretty” to look at…it’s very underwhelming graphically. I was expecting to have the “wow” factor with this game but it’s anything but…from the UI, to the maps, to player models, to the campaign…this looks more like previous gen than next gen.


one thing it has also definitely taught us is to not ever again expect too much from this developer. Even if they we’re capable of so much more in those 6 years, they still wouldn’t have given us a full game, instead focusing on how much potentially they can get away with and squeeze from the community.

That is not respecting fans but it is most certainly abusing their trust for the sake of as much money
possible irrespective of impact to fans. Again all they had to do is make a respectable Halo game and given Phil Spencer himself said he didn’t didn’t predict that Halo Infinite would be seismic in changing the landscape, shouldn’t we then have had a respectful Halo game at least

The game had a good amount vibe to it just prior to release only for 343 to do the dirty… No respect left for them and it’s heartening to see people for the most not putting up with being treated like chumps


The thing with Infinite isn’t that it isn’t a “complete” game so to speak. It’s that what it considered a “complete” game is in line with current Industry standards.

From Software and the like are meanwhile releasing “complete” games based on what they believe, and what games of old believe are complete.

Gaming has been molested by corporate to the point it has degenerated into releasing half baked games and patching it over time in the name of service. It’s disgusting. Even EA’s Fallen Order was released as a full and complete experience, it saddens me to see Halo has fallen lower than EA in terms of standard.

I think what 343 needs to do right now is to stop comparing itself with CoD and BF. Why compare yourself against poorly made games? Compare yourselves with good games like Elden Ring, DOOM, Fallen Order. Aim to be just as good as them rather than sit on your throne of mediocrity where your competitors are just as bad as you are.


Yup. Right on the money. Elden Ring really highlights the sorry state of the games industry. That game is a towering achievement that puts the rest of this garbage to shame. It was pretty jarring at first since i had forgotten what it felt like to be that impressed with a game in a very long time.

Im also old enough to remember when the industry took a nosedive in the early 80’s due to oversaturation of terrible software. Pretty clear, the road we are headed down.


another possible video game crash? i mean at this point, if we the consumer can’t have faith in these companies… 343, microsoft, sony, nintendo, sega, etc… eventually we will stop buying these ‘games’ and have 0 trust in these companies until, like with the 64, something major happens. something good. they can rescue themselves with good games… but at this point, the pattern is clear, that wont happen until it bites them back



Well, that it’s not wrong for a DEV to say no if they want to stray true to their games vision even though there’s a fairly large outcry from the community for change. AKA, all those people that are still asking for an easy mode in Elden Ring and other Souls like games. Lol

Wish we had more games like this, but different genra’s.

I got a really bad feeling about this.
Bethesdas Elder Scroll series has been a staple pretty much my entire life.
Its gotten buggier, and dumbed down, but thats another debate.
Same with Doom.
Then Fallout 76 came out. Yeeesh.
I have this awful feel that since their now Microsoft property, its going to go way South.
Guess we’ll know when Starfield comes out.


If anything it’s shown that when a developer puts it’s time and resources into world building, lore and gameplay they can produce a game that will become one of the greatest of all time.

Most AAA studios these days are after a quick cash injection, hence why there are seasons with new cosmetics every three or four months, they know the players will buy the new cosmetics and battle passes and in a few months do it again rinse and repeat. If the studio spent more time on playable content like maps instead of disposable content like cosmetics they would have a little more respect from their fan base.

The open world structure they have for campaign is like a cheaper version of a poor Unisoft game, in fact when you closely examine the narrative and gameplay structure of Halo Infinite you realise it plays exactly the same as Gears 5 open world. Large open areas with very little to do and audio/video logs explaining back story, it’s very cookie cutter and lazy by developers but maybe that’s a Microsoft studios problem.

343i will not look at Elden Ring and see possibilities as they no longer focus on sales but instead focus on engagement and the only way to increase engagement is through drip feeding content, rigging challenge progression and creating FOMO. Until they can sort out their content drop rates they are doomed to failure.


Doom 2016 and Eternal ( Plus extras ) were fine…


From a business perspective 343 probably made a way higher profit with this model. They charged $60 for a barebones campaign and are consistently making a killing off microtransactions from whats basically a beta of multiplayer.

It would take them like 2 or 3 more years to finish the campaign and multiplayer at the rate their going and they would still only get $60 for the combined package

Halo Finite is a serious downgrade from Halo 5. In every single aspect. I’ve been saying this from the very beginning, and yet Halo fanboys attacked me for saying it. Fast forward to 2022, and they are already regretting it.

For the price of Halo Finite’s campaign, you can get Serious Sam 4 and Serious Sam: Siberian Mayhem together and you will have a much better overall experience. This is especially saying something when the Serious Sam franchise’s main developer is Croteam, a highly respected indie developer from Croatia!


Don’t know if you noticed, but Bungie’s not much better these days. Destiny anyone?


There’s no reason a game can’t be F2P and a complete experience, or pay-to-play and incomplete. The two factors listed aren’t mutually exclusive to one another.

The biggest factor for me ultimately wasn’t that it wasn’t finished upon release or that it didn’t launch in a stable state, but rather “was it representative of an overall Halo experience gameplay wise”. Having been burned on Halo 4 and Halo 5, going into Infinite 343 had to sell me on the idea that it wasn’t going to be a repeat of the titles that ruined the franchise for me. Going F2P from a marketing standpoint was a smart move, because I wasn’t going to spend a dime on Infinite after 4 and 5, I can confidently say that I’m not alone there and I’m pretty sure 343 knew that too.

The game is in a rough state and 343 is to blame, but ultimately I am sold on the way this Halo plays and am willing to grin and bear it at least for a little longer to see if the problems are rectified.


I think its both MS and 343s fault that the game is a mess and no new features coming out, other than pointless armor that you have to pay for. I have a bad feeling 343 have no more money to put out more stuff, thats why the lead designer quit.
They are waiting to get more cash from their live service and for people to pay for the season pass. They probably needed a certain amount of cash to release season 2, and now they had to postpone it, just to earn more money on season 1.
The game is doomed :frowning:

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Dude you know Elden ring was great when other Devs are getting Salty over it getting great reviews…alot of players are migrating to it.

I swear the messages some players leave are freaking hilarious the but holes ones are the best


Elden Ring is unreal, but you’re comparing a game that is mostly enjoyed as a single player game to a multiplayer game.

The main issue with most multiplayer games is population drop off which has gotten significantly worse for games with the abundance of competition.

A multiplayer game is nothing without a healthy population and sustaining that is getting harder and harder. Why do you think Nintendo focuses on couch co-op and Sony on single player? Lack of cross platform, high number of free to play options, expectations rising, game pass services and an evolving demographic is making solo console multiplayer games very hard to sustain for any meaningful amount of time.

I’m struggling to think of a single solo console multiplayer which is really thriving in any capacity.

Free to play and microtransactions were effectively essential to adopt. How they are going about things right now is poor and they will lose players either way. I think it was the right decision on paper, but bad implementation. Things can change and likely will. Halo may be a 10 year game after all, or we might have all moved on by the World Cup, who knows.

P.s can’t sing Elden Ring praises enough. Took me about 75 hours to explore and do the whole campaign. I’ve spent the last 5 collecting things i missed with as guide. It was a sterling game and I can’t wait to play it through again with magic as I just used a sword and shield for the whole game. Imagine people are having vastly different experiences that suits them most. A truly impressive and explorative game.

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The problem was never that people aren’t willing to pay for a completely done up game with all the bells and whistles. The problem is that too many people are willing to pay for the things that aren’t that. Hence the F2P cash grab model.