From your realest supporter saying goodbye if you cant fix this optional fixes included

This is the most halo game since reach and i dont agree with the progression 10 games per lvl is fully fair for people not capable of challenges. 1k games is a drop in my halo bucket anyone still complaining is not thinking about your best interests. I will because your best interests are halos 4 now.

Problems and fixes list.
1(fix now its poison will grow fatal if understanding of it is not found) someone thought it would be a good idea to allow color change armors, and pass progression in ranked games. There should never be a blue guy on the red team and i should never get a betrayal for shottying my teammate in red who wasnt on radar that was removed in ranked. The whole your enemy is always red to you and your always blue is ridiculous in general. What do you think this would do to the red vs blue series if done then. And no one should be working on a mission in ranked instead of trying to win.

The solution will fix next issue also so im listing it first so you understand how irrelevant the attempted money grabs are and why your dead in water if not changed.

Solution take the 3 existing armor cores platforms keep them as blank slates throw the rest of the specific frame only stuff of and assing 1 to red 1 to blue and 1 to social non ranked or non team games in general. The colors as you can see wont have that much value so the restrictions on frame is a bad look for you. Ill explaiin now in 2.

2 (peoples only legit complaint about passes)The monetization was handled by someone who doesnt play games cheated through school and should be fired and stripped of their degree in marketing. I really dont know why you thought the frames was a good idea but let me break down why it wasnt real simple. I got samurai frame i bought a color stance extra color and have everything i want for it till demon mask or a custom color i make is made. Soo that brings me to ask. Why would i ever buy anything else if it wont work on my event exclusive suit. And so i wont. Monetization complete you got about 70 maybe 90 and wont get more. I was gonna buy campaign to support multiplayer but i now feel that was problematically the reason this has no forge. So good job marketing real genius display of how little your degree matters and why my opinion as a buyer and user is more valuable at the end of the day. Please fire any staff member who doesnt log 20 hours a week gaming or in discussions with gamers.

The lack of real gamers in the industry is toxic and killing the future of it. Roblox is a good example of how much a child could do without being held back by marketing teams and how quickly they could fix a mistake like this, but its also an example of abusing child labor sadly. And that brings us to 3

3(worst flaw) where is forge and all the previous existing playlists. does it really take that much to put a blank slate room of chosen size and let people build the game 4 you. Its clear you dont respect yourselves because you let marketing trample your names but you shouldnt be disrespecting the comunity with any level of excuses for not having the biggest easiest, and most efficient to test with forge yet. What is wrong with you guys if it isnt marketing. This is a sin of pride you messed up . Own it fix it, or die with it.

If you cant hear it now then delete it at your own detriment. All 3 of these will be what you have to adress for this game to live up to its past, and personally i think the entire industry needs a tester who will call it out for what it is more than another 2 bit marketing degree. I probably spent more gaming the last 4 years than they did on their degrees and if you want to sell things you should be asking what i would want to buy not what you can sell me before i say nah this game is dead.

I wont be back because i dont think you have the integrity to admit your mistakes and talk with me about them. I am sure you will delete this pretending i didnt clearly follow smart rules and refrain from the language i think you deserve. If you Keep hiding from criticism by dodging left you will keep getting hit by the right. Thats not political its about your predictably flawed defense.

And whats crazy to me is that someone believed all of this was gonna be so profitable when there is no content to profit from. Thanks to the frame locks. If nothing else fire that fool. And charge the colors being seperated and sold to him 4 damages when you have to refund anyone who bought red/blue before you had to make them free. Cause frankly that person or people are the ones responsible 4 the few flaws that arnt lack of content in Mp