From the Makers of Reach Customz...

Hi guys!

If anyone remembers us, we were behind the relatively popular series Reach Customz - though when I say we, I mean VSOTBcommunity! We were featured numerous times on the waypoint blog and have a decent following on youtube. In the absence of the Halo 4 file browser, I began to start work on a Halo 3 Customz series. Just recently I finished the opening to Halo 3 Customz and I think it turned out really nicely! It met my expectations and more, being clean, polished and just plain nostalgic.

For your viewing pleasure: Halo 3 Customz Intro (The music choice was very deliberate. Fans of a certain classic Halo 3 machinima will understand the homage :wink:

If you liked the video, consider joining us for a full season of Halo 3 Customz! Now that the filebrowser is also out for Halo 4, we will also be cooking up Halo 4 Customz which will likely begin halfway through this season of Halo 3 Customz. I like my videos to be very high quality, and I’m the showrunner for all the Customz series, so expect quality videos from us each week.

The co-video-creator for VSOTB community, my good friend Kyle is also starting up a Halo 4 commendation guide, so look forward to that too!