From Singapore( Unable to match on MM AT ALL)

Hi 343 staff, ( if you are reading this)

I have attempted in the past to clarify this problem I’ve been having for a long time, but I simply cannot find a match on Halo:MCC, my NAT is open, and ive been asked to post in this section but when I reply to an official thread I get no response. Can I request someone work with me closely to solve this problem? Its very frustrating not to be able to play Halo multiplayer at all. Please also, it helps to describe your usual experience with matchmaking, like how long do you guys take to find a match? I can leave my xbox for 45mins and I wouldnt get anywhere near to a match. Please assist. Thank you. Much appreciated.

Hi moderators,

I am going to double post to bump my thread up, and I know i shouldnt be allowed to do it but this is ridiculous, how else will i get someone to help with my problem when my post is not noticed?