From Love to Hate. A halo BTB story

Not so much a story rather just what I now feel.
I loved halo4 in fact I loved every halo game. I never said a bad word of any besides wars.
You can check!

But I have come to hate halo 4. I like to play BTB. I like tanks ect and big maps.
But halo 4’s BTB has left me sad. It’s not fun. I’t frustrating. It’s lagging. And is terribly suited for the new ordinance and spawn system.

In the last hour I have played 1 game of HALO 3 BTB. One game of REACH BTB and one of HALO 4. On reach I topped the scoreboard as per normal. on 3 I was top two.
And on halo 4 I was stone dead last.
And don’t say i have not adapted. I have sr57. I HAVE topped the board but very very rarely now compared to Reach and 3.

I am sorry to add to the halo4 bashing. But BTB is dreadful.
Please. I am willing to give it some more of my time if you put a classic btb playlist on
With no ordinance and a respawn timer. Also please fix the terrible latency issues. And no default plasma pistol.
BTB need dedicated servers on halo4 it seems.

On the up side +++ points for a fantastic campaign and the railgun + scatter shot.
They are nice additions.
But for me I think i am still waiting for the perfect BTB halo. Reach’s BTB was much more like a battle rather than a a bunch of spartans in a washing machine with explosives.

For halo 5. Can we please have the plasma launcher back as well as the revanant and Falcon. And the Nade launcher. I know it was a bit naff but i liked it. and so did a few pro players.

> … a washing machine with explosives.

I’ve been looking for a good description…you nailed it.

> > … a washing machine with explosives.
> I’ve been looking for a good description…you nailed it.

My thoughts exactly.

What, you don’t think dying every 10 seconds from random power weapon drops is fun?

Or being cross-mapped by people hiding with invis and spamming the DMR - and there is absolutely nothing you can do about it because you can’t shoot them out of scope.

This isn’t fun to you?

I think BTB is great in this game. If they had a couple more maps in the cycle it’d be better. Maps feel pretty balanced and are very fun overall to play on.

No plamsa pistol in Loadouts? Yeah, that would make the game better. It’s not easy to EMP a vehicle with a competent driver. If people with the ghost want to only get splatters then good for them when I jump over their vehicle to EMP and kill them. I get many kills against players trying to EMP my vehicle. I mean seriously, you think it’d be good idea to make the mantis nearly unbeatable unless your whole team is working together to take it down (rare). At least I can SKILLFULLY sneak around the Mantis and kill it by myself and be a great asset to my team as a vehicle killer.

I can’t understand how a top player is suddenly “in last place” every match. You have to be exaggerating.