From Corpus christy, texas? reply. possible local halo reach tourny

YO whats up Halo players! “SNIPES returned” here, thats my gamer tag. I was a BEAST back in the days on HALO CE and HALO 2. I got married, had a kid, Bought a house, had new Career…ahhhh! So, no Halo for a few years…Which was torture, about 2 months ago, in February, I started up again… Wahoo!(Hence the name, SNIPES returned)No Im not 40, not that there is anything wrong with that, Im 27 years young.

<mark>ARE THERE ANY HALO REACH PLAYERS FROM CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS???</mark> If there are please respond. If I get some response I will start posting in other forums to see if I can get a HALO <mark>REACH TOURNAMENT</mark>,here in Corpus Christi Texas, at a local game shop called “The Casual Gamer” before Halo 4 arrives. Google the shop. I have already talked to him and he is open to it as long as I can get plenty of players that would attend on a regular basis. SWEET RIGHT!!! You can email me at include your gamer-tag if you want, for kicks, that way we can keep in contact and let you know the latest status!