From appearance who looks better?

Still like Chief armor.

Douglas, Jerome, Alice
Halo wars…

John, he looks better.

They both look awesome, but John is John.

Chief, he looks better and more strong.

Voted for Chief, but Locke’s armor though. I like the visor, I guess. I like Chief’s armor better, it’s classic.

Bias aside, which everyone else should try to do every once in a while, I like Locke’s armor much better. He looks way more bad@ss than Chief in my opinion. Feel free to disagree.

I want so badly to pick Chief, but I hate Chiefs new look!
The chest plate and shoulders are so…blarg?
Lockes is so sharp, snug, and those Tron lights! Oh man…

Just paint him white and green…replace his blue visor with gold…youve got yourself a buyer.

I like both, but Master Chief is Master Chief. There is no competition.

Idk I will never vote Locke

Lockes armor is way better and ironically has more classic detailing then the halo 4/5 chief suit. It doesn’t have needless detail, it isn’t jagged, it isn’t aftaid to have smooth and open parts without a spiderweb of useless lines all over it, the undersuit is integrated better, it has long lights which are nice and new, my favorite helmet was halo 3 rogue and this is like an evolution of it, It’s got some actual -Yoinking!- color variation with a neat pallet(it’s not all gray, there are silver, red, yellow, blue, and turquoise details), and it actually looks like he can move in it, no more John McCain arms with those stupid -Yoinking!- giant triangle shoulder pads chief has, it has more interesting shapes, the list goes on. It’s waaay better.

I like Locke’s more streamlined design.

The obvious answer is Carter from Noble Team.


Locke’s looks good though. Definitely says sleek stealthy operative.

Locke, chief may hold my heart as of now, but locke’s armor is too sleek to turn down.

Locke has the best-looking armour in Halo, hands down.

My boy Locke has the best armor in Halo imo. Next being Emile and has decked out armor and skull face

Chief looks great. Like a walking tank. He seems really powerful.

Who looks better? Johnson, and he “knows what the laddies like”

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> Who looks better? Johnson, and he “knows what the laddies like”

Why is this not an option?