frigate forward unto dawn design

im just trying to get my head around the design of the frigate and i was wondering if anyone could set it straight for me as it looks to me like 343 have redesigned the whole of it? i understand that the ship split in two with the back end floating adrift. now i know on the halo 4 trailer the ship looks some what alot differant to the one at the end of halo 3 , let alone mega blocks creating a ship that doesnt much look like the frigate back in halo 2 and 3. i always remembered the ship having two wing like thrusters that stuck out either side yet neither halo 4 or the mega block model doesnt? question is… have they redesigned the whole ship? or in the story has it come across further damage?


The ship has indeed been redesigned by 343, “two wing things” are still there, as are many of the other features but the overall appearance is fairly different. They haven’t actually given a reason at this point, but I have a theory which you can read about if you’re interested.

On a side-note, the frigate in Halo 2 is canonically a different type to the ones in Halo 3. The same goes for the ones in Reach.

good theory, but to be honest keeping with more or less the same look and design i think helps the user relate to halo 3 and the endind. same with john 117’s armour which has changed, however they said they will explain how but i still think ideas and parts carrying on from halo 3 should be explained if changed. all in all its just because i prefer the look of the halo 3 frigate than the new design.