Friends on Xbox

I am looking for friends to have on Xbox One who use mics, are active Xbox One users, and are getting Halo MCC!

Please add me… my Gamertag is WesleyChambless

This thread probably should be in General Discussion.

My bad dude. I was just already reading forums on this page and I didn’t think about it

He isn’t looking for friends playing any halo game. I find this to be in the right spot. It’ll be the only fps halo game on the xbox 1 and you are looking for people that are going to play mcc not any other game. I’m definitely getting it and looking for some competitive friends to play with. Although, I’ll have my main 4 man squad pretty much filled on release. I don’t see anything wrong with having additional friends on the friends list to do matchmaking with that use their mic. People using call outs and their mics are very important. I hate how now a days it seems like no one has a mic and doesn’t care about team work it is insane!

Hey, dude I have like 3 friends on Xbox one because I sold my Xbox 360 account before I knew It would carry over to Xbox One.

Wrong forum…

I’ll add you my gamertag is the same as my forum name.