Friends on Different Skill Levels

I’ve enjoyed my Halo 4 experience very much as a whole, but for me matchmaking has many flaws. I’m going going to talk about one that I think people do not talk about much. This flaw is playing with friends that are on a lower skill level than you, and when you play with that friend you get paired up in lobbies which people play at my skill level which is higher than my friend. When this happens my friend does not enjoy the game since he is not even close to the skill level that these people are playing at and is just getting destroyed every game we play.

This is extremely frustrating due to not being able to have fun playing with friends that are on different skill levels. Halo 3 had it right where you had your social and competitve play lists to then be able to play with your friends at your skill level and then have a playlist that can be played with friends that were below your skill level. I’m not saying remake H2 or H3 but at least try and make it fair for people who want to play with others that are on two different skill levels.

Not being able to play with my friends is not what Halo is about. I shouldn’t be not playing with my friends because I don’t want them to stop playing Halo all together since all they do is play people way above their skill level and not enjoying the game.

Please if anyone has any thoughts on this go ahead and share, maybe others are having the same problem.

make social and ranked playlists, i think it´s for the best

Tell ur friends to get better or just get new friends

Although i understand were you’re coming from.

Halo 4s true skill is perfect in my mind.

Please read and add your thoughts:

The Necessity of Ranked and Social in Halo

I agree with this im not trying to bash my friends and they are not bad at the game. It frustrates me that when I hop into a game with them they just get destroyed, and in turn we dont win much and it causes my death because my entire team is dead and then its 4 vs 1 and even I cant win that. Social would be very nice or at least take an average of the skill in a party and go from there.

It’s the community’s fault.

Hey man. Pretty much matchmaking is a social playlist right now. Thats what some people can’t comprehend. All left is to implement a ranked system.

I am so there with that opening comment. I’ve been rather satisfied with H4’s matchmaking when I am roaming as a random. I am not that good, but as a random, i feel reasonably matched against other players.

Mt friends, however, are better than I and when I party with them, I suddenly feel like I am in way over my head skill-wise. I tend to average about 200 plus points per game, but with friends I drop to about 60 and am normally the reason they lose a match (which may or not be an important element). The feeling is like I suddenly have completely forgotten every element to the game and am running around with my head cut off.