Friends Not Joinable

I was able to play with my friend the other day but today we’re both “Not Joinable” to each other. I doubt that my nat is the problem since this wasn’t an issue the other day. I also read posts about the servers having issues, but are the any news or ETA as to when this is supposedly fixed?

I’ve been having problems too. Been trying to join friends parties or invite them to mine but it says not joinable and incompatible network configurations despite us both having open NAT.


I’m having the same issue too. I can go into random matchmaking and get teamed up with other XBLive users. But if someone is an XBL Friend, we are “Not Joinable” to each other.

Any news on this?

This happened to me a few days ago. I reset my 360 and went back into Halo 4 and everything has been fine since…knock on wood.

By “reset” do you mean clearing the system cache?

Wait it out man. My friend and I had this problem for a couple of days. It will fix itself just be patient.

I was able to play with my friend as well like, three days ago and now I can’t play with anyone nor join parties. It’s sorta kinda meh. I tried clearing cache as well and it didn’t work either. Heh. If this has been happening since November, then I guess it’s not fixed yet ~