Friends for MCC

Hey guys! So as you all know, Halo: The Master Chief Collection is just two weeks away and I want to start adding more people to my friends list.

I am open for friend requests, however, there is a small catch. Because the Master Chief Collection will have a ranking system based on winning games, I want to add people who are looking to win, really know how Halo works, and really know how to fight.

Now, I will be the first to admit that I am not the most competitive person on the planet. But, don’t let that fool you. I play to win and I play to do really good. Don’t worry, I like to have fun too.

So, here is a little bit about myself. I am 19 years old and am currently a sophomore in college. I don’t cuss and I don’t try to bring other people down. It is very difficult for me to get mad. If you get me mad, you have done something that very few people can achieve. Haha! I own a pair of Turtle Beach XO Seven’s so I can hear both the game and fellow teammates. I have owned the Xbox One since it was released, therefore I am very comfortable with the controller and I have grown used to playing first person shooters (Titanfall especially) on it.

On a quick side note, if you don’t plan on having a mic by the time the Master Chief Collection comes out, don’t add me. I am a strong believer in communication. If communication doesn’t happen between teammates, then defeat is almost guaranteed. Also, if you cuss very often, then I won’t want to be around you. I am ok with it occasionally, but if it runs out your mouth like a river, don’t bother adding me either.

I have played all Halo mutliplayers, however I didn’t become competitive until Halo: Reach. Ever since then, I have usually been able to go more than 2.0 each game. I have lead a couple different clans in the past with high win records, I can use almost any weapon and vehicle effectively (especially the covenant carbine and banshee), and I have gone toe to toe against players who had far higher statistics than mine.

Halo is my game. It is where I fight the hardest and it is where I will do my absolute best. I want to be helpful to others looking to win and I promise that I will not let you down.

On another side note, since I am a college student, my schedule is very hectic. Don’t expect me to be on 24/7, because that isn’t going to happen.

Anyways, I hope I gave enough information. Please don’t be hesitant to send me a friend request if you are looking to win lots of games in Halo: The Master Chief Collection and you have read my preferences above. The Xbox One allows 1,000 friends, so fire away! I am looking forward to meeting lots of new people! :slight_smile:

Sounds awesome man. Message me here or preferably on Xbox Live: GT - brovacado. Thanks

Hey we are about the same age and seem to have simliar schedules add me @ sick remix


Add me

Sweet man. Add me: WomboCombo88

Hey add piegear

Hey! So are you looking to join a Gaming Community to play Halo: The Master Chief Collection?

Well I heard this amazing community called Dissension Gaming is recruiting actively for it!

We have 15+ year old gamers that are always looking to get into a lobby and whipping the opposite team!
Our community is forum based along with a couple of social media apps! If you’re good at a specific thing and you’d like to help out you could always join one of the teams!

  • YouTube Team- Graphics Team- Recruitment Team- Events Team- Podcast teamThe only requirements to join is being 15+ years old, having a working headset, and daily availability to the website!

We are also looking for some competitive players to join our Halo 2 team! Doesn’t hurt to try out! :slight_smile:

Click the link below to begin your registration if interested!

Best Regards,
Dissension Gaming Community

Feel free to add me (Anyone on this forum)

i’m in

Add me cf case
games out but looking for people with a mic possibly some custom games since servers are bad

Add me. GT: Amiibo