Friendly Fire (POLL)

Turn on FF for Halo Infinite in all modes and add player collision! Since halo is such a spammy game it needs friendly fire SOOO bad. Literally one time I jump into a room, shoot a rocket and crack everybody’s shields then one guy on the other team shoots a cindershot into the middle of the room and vaporizes just himself and I (but should have also destroyed his team too = an overkill.) Who else agrees?

  • FF ad player collision on
  • Only FF
  • Only Player collision
  • Neither
  • IDC

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While it’d help balance out things like reckless grenade spam in smaller maps. Friendly fire is a really big double edge sword. If you get stuck with people who could careless about keeping you alive if it means they have fun, you’re going to see a land slide of complaints if they re-introduce friendly fire into this game.

If you have a teammate TKing people and we get the option to boot them, it’ll still be a hit towards your team since you’ll now be down a player.

Then there are people who will purposely kill teammates to get what they want, which was popular in Halo 3 when people grade desired weapons from the TKer, he’d kill them just to take the weapon for him or herself. Griefers would also purposely shoot teammates to lower their shields so enemies could easily kill them too.

I’m not entirely sure I’d want friendly fire back. Keep the option for custom games of course, but maybe make special play lists first that have it turned on to see how well it goes there first, before incorporating them into other playlists perhaps?


But you also get kicked after a few betrayals and yes, a few betrayals is a few betrayals no matter what.

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It worked for 20 years. I played about 6000 games in H3, I think 4000 in H5 and Teamkilling wasn’T really an issue. It happens, but the tradeoff we got with infinite is such a big change (for the worst) in gameplay mechanics that I still can’T believe they introduced it. It’s one reason I play ranked only… I refuse to play a Halo title without FF.


Outside of people killing for specific weapons, I do remember seeing the forums flooded with people complaining about team killers during my time playing Halo 2, 3/ODST and reach about getting team killed constantly.

It’s one of the reasons why they introduced kicking teammates who team kill too frequently in fact.

People will only tolerate it just so much unfortunately.

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the friendly fire most never ever make a return in the halo serie’s at all since it has make a lot off problems back in the older halo’s like halo 3,reach and halo 4 that people abuse the friendly fire system to bully other people with it.

and most off the people that wane see that it come’s back are also the one’s that have abuse it in the old day’s for the fun and to destroy the fun for other players.

I wouldn’t mind it returning if people would be more considerate of their teammates personally. But as it is now, I would even harder suggest that people rely on premades and less on solo queuing with randoms if they did consider putting it back in. Unless they want an even worse time going forward playing this game.

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I like social without it and ranked with it.

I think the fact the game is F2P is most likely why it was removed from social.

You don’t want new players being griefed and scared off and you don’t want griefers just using alt accounts.

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let me tell you this.

there was a reason why 343 has remove the friendly fire since it was all thanks to the toxic players that think it was fun to betray there own team mate’s for the fun and destroy there fun.
and not forget the stupids reason why some people betray there own teammate’s.
and the stupids reason and the bigst one is about the power weapons like the sniper rilfe there betray you to get that weapon from you.

edit: i not care if ranked has friendly fire on since most people are not that toxic there to kill there own teammate’s if there not can get rank up also.

but for social playlist’s its a diffrend story and most it never return.

FF in social would be an absolute disaster. It’s bad enough as it is playing with randoms. Add to the fact in social/BTB you have a lot of newcomers that would be grenading and shooting their own team. It would turn it into a bigger crapshow than it already is. Was playing BTB yeasteday and me and a teammate jumped into a hog and the driver promptly backed us over the cliff on purpose. I don’t take BtB seriously but that still sucks when you have people that enjoy messing it up for everyone. Leave the FF in rank. Most people there are fairly serious and sweaty so it makes sense in that mode.

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Of course friendly fire and player collision! This isn’t a new type or mode. Both of these should’ve been part of the game from launch. 343 has gone soft on what Halo is. You take the sniper, let me be toxic and take it from you. Sorry, not sorry friend.

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If Halo 2 or 3 didn’t have player collision or friendly fire, it would have received the exact same backlash that Infinite is receiving about these things now just at the opposite spectrum. Basically, what I’m trying to say is no matter what you do, people are going to complain(or be happy) about changes.

The real problem now is that they are catering Infinite towards a broader audience of mainly non-Halo players. So that means over the last year, this new model has mostly invited and/or trained players to not care about aiming precisely, only tossing grenades or firing rockets into the same room that their team mates are fighting in too. They have taught or attracted players who would rather show off cosmetics than guarantee that the enemy team is properly identified at all times, without the need of a glowing aura to point out your dangers across the map.

As much as I want friendly fire to return to all of matchmaking (not just Ranked) and player collision(player outlines aren’t that bad but they definitely are not the same as Red vs Blue) if 343 were to suddenly flip this switch, I believe it would actually hurt whatever measly progress they have already gained so far in Infinite because all of the players they have catered this game towards will suddenly become “vilified” by the abrupt changes and in a way, will have to relearn the game again.

You’re not wrong, but, likewise it would be entirely possible to reintroduce in a single tester Playlist to sit between social and ranked and see how it goes

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I dont notice myself complaining about FF a lot it’s just when it happens it has to be the worst time possible. Like I have rockets or chuck a grenade when I am practically dead. It can become highly annoying after a good bit of playing some HI. RANT OVER

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Friendly fire would at least discourage people from getting in the way of your shots, so there’s that. That said, I would genuinely rather not deal with petty jerks that TK you for having cat ears or something.


Not sure if this is just trolling or just the perfect evidence as to why FF is not coming back.

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They could have easily just put player outlines on teammates only and left them off of enemy players and it would have been fine honestly. Halo 2 had the players emblem I believe above their heads, and when they died it became a big red X instead, which acted as what the outlines do in this game.

The best way they could re-introduce friendly fire to social though would be to make one or two new play lists that had game modes with the friendly fire turned on. I think some game modes could actually benefit from this, like skrockets, which would force people to take their teammates into account before using rockets on enemies.


its not only the perfect evidence its also the best exemple there is why its been remove in the first place and never has return also since people like him abuse the friendly fire system the wrong way and now a lot of other people most pay the price also for that type players that abuse it the wrong way’s.



Which is a reality for everyone who doesn’t search with a full team, and that’s in regards to all aspects of how players behaves.
Since the XP update I’ve seen a rise in AFKing in my personal matches, can’t say if it’s overall throughout Infinite, but the it’s been my experience.

This wasn’t even that big of an issue in Halo 2 through to Reach. Does it happen? Sure. Can safeguards against that kind of behaviour be implemented? Absolutely.

With proper measures taken it’s manageable.

Any betrayal detection system and systems around it needs to be made as good as possible.
Just not team killing, but damage to team mates should be a factor. For instance most non-explosive low damage weapons like the AR, BR and Plasma Pistol, how do you accidentally pump loads of damage into an ally? How many times do you accidentally melee kill an ally?

There weren’t really that many threads on it though.
Atleast my definition of “flooded” does not meet with how many threads I saw that were new on a daily / weekly basis.
Quitting threads had more mileage as I recall it.

It generally wasn’t and detection as well as punishment for deliberate griefing need to be updated to properly handle it.

Care to actually supply some data on that claim?

Personal Ordnance in Halo 4 is why it was removed there, can’t recall if it was in Halo 5, and yes, most likely not present in Infinite because it’s F2P.

MAC addresses exist to use and could detect and monitor potential alt accounts and behaviour.

Additionally, new players would ideally not be matched with more experienced players regardless, so anyone who suddenly feel an urge to smash teammates would… Should do so against more experienced ones.

As long as you’d be prepared to go into my so called “purgatory”.
Griefers, AFKers, frequent quitters, cheaters etc would be relegated to this playerpool instead of getting banned.
Here you’d get no XP, stats not tracked, have a watermark on the screen showcasing where you are for videos and challenges wouldn’t track.
This is where you’d spend a set amount of Clean consecutive matches before you’re let back to the normal pool, on probation.
Get sent back? You’d need more clean consecutive matches.

That’s what I envision instead of just preventing people from playing a certain amount of time.


look at RIP lazy post on this thread its the best data and claim you can get.
that some people wane see friendly fire come’s back that there is no grenate spam or rocket launcher spam i can understand that good.
but most off then and i mean not all of then that wane see it back are also the one’s that has abuse it and if its back in halo infinite that there going to abuse it again to bully other people again like in the old day’s.
so then again its thanks to the toxic players that abuse then that there is no friendly fire in halo any more.

and the other reason was more that back in halo 3, halo reach and halo 4 that there was 1 game type from all the 3 halo game’s that got the bigst risk’s in the 3 game’s that the betray’s you get are the most from then all.
its the game type griftball that was the only game type you get the most betray’s from any other game type at all.
and all the betray’s from that game type are accidents.
and in game type’s like slayer are the most that are not accidents at all.

let me tell you this so that you can understand it good.
in halo 3, halo reach and halo 4 i have see it with my own eye’s that some people have abuse the friendly fire for the stupids reason.
you not wane know how many time’s i get betray for a power weapon i got since i was faster then him and he betray’s me for that power weapon he wane have that i got.
same with the vehicles like the scorpoin tank or mantis how many time’s i see players betray there own team mate’s that are faster to get it but there betray then since there wane have it and nobody else from his team can get it.
i have see that 1 player was betraying his compleet team for the fun since he like’s that.

its much better if friendly fire stay away from the halo serie’s for good.
and if people wane see it return there most blame the one’s that have abuse it in the past halo game’s since its thanks to then that there is no friendly fire any more in halo since there have abuse it the wrong bad way for something like fun.