friendly elites

Does anyone think it’s likely there will be friendly elites in the Halo 4 campaign. At the moment it’s only been confirmed that we’ll be fighting them and it would really annoy me if, after all that humanity and the elites did together towards the end of the halo trilogy, it was just forgotten and they go back to killing each other. For me, it’s the elites that make the Halo campaigns (other than CE) amazing, their poetic way of speaking makes the story more than just a 2D badasses shoot everything kind of story. Anyone else want to see friendly elites?

Also, the new elite and grunt screenshots look amazing (my opinion of course).

Chief: Why are we fighting each other? We already killed Truth…

Arbiter: Because it’s fun. :smiley:

OT: I would cry if I had to kill the Arbiter :’(

I love Easter Eggs in the Halo games! ^w^

Not likely, either because there are no such thing as “friendly Elites” anymore or that the hostile ones take up all the screen time.

I think the best guess as to why there are Covenant forces near/on Requiem is that they were seperated from the Covenant earlier in the war and aren’t aware the war is over. This is reinforced in the ending to Halo Glasslands. Maybe something is preventing them from leaving?

I honestly doubt humans are at war with Sangehili, though, that would really suck IMO.