Friendly dmg to Friendly vehicle w/o betrayal

Seriously… who’s brilliant idea was this?

Why on earth would you ever change the friendly fire to only damage the vehicle. In at least Big Team slayer you can fully engage and destroy a friendly occupied vehicle with out doing any actual damage the allied pilot. This allows any -Yoink!- to kill your tank/banshee/gaus hog/ any -Yoinking!- vehicle because they were not able to get to it first, without any danger of being booted.

Outrageously -Yoinking!- stupid.


Agreed! Sick of having my mantis emp’d and plasma stuck on Ragnarok.

My friend was just short of an unfriggenbeleivable with the scorpion tank on exile and was emp’d and plasma stuckby two losers on our team. Lucky he was able to still get the unfriggenbelievable.