Friendly Collision needs to be on

I get that it would get annoying when you’d have a teammate purposefully blocking a door or passage to screw up his team. But that sort of thing was not a common thing that happened. No collision results in problems happening in every other match. You miss a melee kill because the enemy phased through you and then he assassinates you instead. You shoot rockets right as a teammate walks through you, killing yourself instead of the enemy. Please bring player collision back, 343.


Also players had the ability to go somewhere else

Like 343 acting like the older games maos were a bunch of narrow hallways filled with doorways lol


343: We understand most players want player collision however we know better than you so we’re leaving player collision off.

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When rotating around the map and I come across a teammate when crossing paths, still to this day I will try to jump over them, out of habit and common sense. Halo has always had gameplay grounded in reality (more-or-less), so no collision is counterintuitive, jarring, and immersion breaking. It creates just as many problems as it tries to solve, so no thank you.
But, despite the overwhelming majority wanting collision back, 343 never will change it back out of stubbornness and pride. Mother knows best.


Another reason why I stopped playing Infinite.
I went back to MCC and almost cried because I can have my team not walk through me and I plasma stick them in the head.


I would rather not get stuck / kept from cover, because teammate.

Or bounced off the map.

Or have my teamates cheeks blocking grenades.