Friendly Collision needs to be on

So I stop killing us both when you walk out of my backdoor out of nowhere and I’m using high explosives.

Come on man.


I got killed today when i chucked a grenade in my retreat that bounced off my buddies head right as he phased through me. Drives me up the wall when I’ve almost got a kill and the enemy does the little magic phase through target swap. So instead of getting a trade kill, I get almost 2 kills.

Who knows, maybe in 500 years technology will have developed enough that nobody actually has physical bodies anymore and we’re all just digital beings that live in the metaverse. So now there is a lore reason for no collision. You’re welcome.


Halo: Promethean Simulator


Nah because you know… blocking doors was so a hige problem, they HAD to disable it. In over 10000 games throughout the series I never thought: man, if I could rum through you, we would win the match.

yesterday, I lost a match because I three a nade on my mate while running back and phased through me. 49:50. Great job, 343. Exactly what EVERYBODY loves and asked for. Thumbs up!


But guys we need no player collision because people were blocking areas screw tactics that used player collision in the past this is a good thing. /s


Many times, I thrown out the threat sensor, and it attaches itself to my team mate who decided to phase through me at that exact moment. Frustrating and funny in equal measure

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༼ づ ಠ_ಠ ༽づ Summon Collision


What’s the excuse for not colliding with enemies?

How else would you get back smacks or ninjas when meleeing people in the front

I can’t help but think if they actually made Halo maps instead of CoD maps, the very poor decision to remove it might have not taken place.

Desync, combined with the weird way enemy collision works.

There is supposed to be enemy collision, but the number of frontal assassination that occur suggests something is wrong.

Lol I was going to say why not just make the doors bigger lol


The game simply displaces you if you go into an enemy, but if you’re sprinting you go through them. Thus, there’s almost no collision since you can go into the enemies.

They are already big enough. Friendly collision shouldn’t be a problem.

According to this article it may be something to do with AI bots getting in the players way when they are put into the game….

Although this doesn’t excuse ranked play where Bots aren’t Implemented.

…You mean, what players do anyway.

Gods it is excuse after excuse with this company.


100%. Halo needs enemy and friendly collision as it has always had.

Although, I don’t think it is a priority. Sadly, I don’t think anything that impacts gameplay is.

If anything gets fixed, it won’t be for a very long time. This game is officially a Barbie dress up for as much money as you can spend.

I like dress up too, but this is the only thing Halo is now. I suspect this was the official reason Joe Staten was brought in. Not for gameplay, but for cosmetic monetization. Plenty of experience with Destiny!

It’s just so infuriating. It’s obvious what the game is now, yet 343 still attempt to manipulate the players.


I think they just make up issues… it’s like did anybody ever complain about no sniper glares in H2orH3… nup.

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Cough cough coatings more detail and more customization cough armor kits cough not limiting at all cough

Seriously as much as i hate halo 5 at least had content updates that gave us back missing features in less the time that infinite had

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If i wanted a dress up game i would learn how to use blender and unity than play vrchat

You can’t even use the dress up excuse as they limited customization options that we had before looks at coatings

Or have them locked behind kits

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