Friendly AI is annoying in Halo 2 Campaign

I find the friendly AI in Halo 2 is too aggressive and too helpful. It gets to the point where it feels like they’re stealing all of your kills or softening up your enemies too much… compared to Halo 3 and Halo CE where it feels more like the AI is less effective and they allow you to do the majority of the heavy lifting… this approach makes the game feel like more of an actual game and less of a “scripted” playable movie.

Has Halo 2 always played this way or is the friendly AI aggressiveness affected by the tick rate or framerste of the MCC version.

I think overall the agressiveness of all AI in H2 is increased due to the tick rate, but I’ve never found the AI to be helpful at all outside of invincible Johnson on Cairo Station.

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> I think overall the agressiveness of all AI in H2 is increased due to the tick rate, but I’ve never found the AI to be helpful at all outside of invincible Johnson on Cairo Station.

Yes sniper Johnson is very helpful. Maybe I haven’t played enough of if it.

You should try replaying Cairo Station because I noticed specifically on that level that the friendly AI was incredibly annoying. Pretty well every Elite I’d go to shoot would start getting shot at by my friendlies it felt like there Elites were going down after 2 BR shots on heroic due to the smg fire being laid on them by my friendlies.

Just feels totally opposite of CE which I just finished where you can run up to an elite and let an entire magazine of your AR rip into him without any of your friendlies running up and getting in your way.

Maybe you’re talking more about playing H2 on legendary where it’s so hard your friendlies are likely to die on you and the Elites take so many shots to kill that your weapons don’t feel like they’re causing them to get so much as a scratch?

Legendary H2 is such a poorly balanced mess I don’t even count it when I talk Halo 2. I’m just talking easy-heroic.

On heroic I’m just finding the gameplay has no flow and it’s one of those games where the friendly AI is so helpful where it feels like they’re rushing you through the game rather than allowing you to play at your own pace.

I’m hating it. I wish someone would make a rebalance that makes the friendly AI more brain dead like in Halo CE and Halo 3.

TBH, I understand it isn’t as immersive when your friendly AI sucks in some ways, but in other ways it ends up feeling like.more of a proper video game when the game allows you to do most of the shooting and the friendly marines are just kinda in thr background for show.

I don’t need their help. It’s like the game is holding my hand. The only level that reminds me of CE is the level “Gravemind” because you don’t have friendlies following you around through the whole thing and you engage enemies at your own pace.

Admittedly my recent memories of H2 are mainly Legendary and LASO. The rocket marine on Metropolis would repeatedly kill me and himself because he fires at the worst time. I’ve never been able to count on Marines on levels like outskirts or Delta Halo.

Personally I don’t get this at all. They tend to be meh, in my experience. They’re helpful, but I never find them practically carrying me, or find their help getting in my way. If anything, I find that they don’t do much, and are waste to give power weapons since they don’t fire them that often. They tend to only work when they have a battle rifle, and get headshots off unshielded enemies every now and then. Even then, I find they don’t do that much killing compared to the player. I find it odd that you find them less effective in CE and H3, as those are arguably the games where they’re the strongest.

The aggressiveness in the firing pattern of the AI increase with difficulty, troopers in Reach are as dangerous as sniper Jackals (with a Needle Rifle) if they got their sights on the target and Marines in Halo 2 use a Plasma Rifle as fast as Elites.

They perform better in Halo 3, there is a lot of missions with a good number of them.