Friendly advice to 343 for future achievements.

Just like to say I love the Defiant Map Pack, even Unearthed and I don’t like firefight (Although the trees on highlands do look a bit bad, sorry guys)

The one thing that bothers me and so many of my Halo playing mates are the achievements. Though they are better than the Ranked Free for All and Spree ones from Halo 3, they still aren’t that fun.

Firstly I think we’d all like to see more achievements in the next dlc, perhaps 7? Because honestly 3 is way too few even if the achievements are only 5-10g a few more would be nice.

Also mix things up a bit, like maybe a similar one to Endure from ODST, or get to the end of the 30mins in FF Limited. Kill X Bobs in Campaign, get a top medal in MP, Get a MP medal to Onyx or find all the Data Pads in campaign.

I’m sure people will come up with far better achievements and ideas, but I just thought I’d just let you know what me and my friends think for the next map pack.

Well Firefight is easy to abuse because of all of the settings. You could just make yourself invincible and you’d get the achievement in no time.

It seems they are trying to make the new achievements easy to difficult. Returning two flags is easy, hitting three people with an Oddball can be hard, and Stealing and capturing two in a stockpile game is rather difficult IMO.

I kind of like how they are set up honestly. As for more achievements, I’m all for it :slight_smile: