Friend receive “No Ping to Datacenters” when queuing for match

We just download the infinite multiplayer and when my friends try to queue, they receive an error saying “No Ping to Datacenters.” Anyone else have this issue?

same here. this issue have been happening to me since the tech previews… there’s a workaround that worked for me back then; 1)connect to a vpn or a phone tether connection, 2) open infinite and go to the multiplayer tab and select any matchmaking and the “no ping blabla” should be gone, 3) revert back to your previous connection or keep using the vpn or phone tether connection and then play. hope this works until 343 found some fix or explanation on how to fix it :slight_smile:

My friend is getting the same issue. He is on Xbox. No solution yet, we will keep you posted. Please post if you find a fix