Friend Can't Play Halo 4 Online Features!!

My friend has an issue with Halo 4 where when he tries to play online features, it kicks him in every situation. When he queues up for matchmaking, it will find all the players, and countdown all the way. The screen will go black, and then he’ll be kicked back to the matchmaking party lobby. He cannot play Spartan Ops missions by himself, or start Campaign missions with friends. The only feature he can access is single-player campaign.

Please, someone provide a solution! We had good times on Reach, but now this is unplayable for him!

Does he have an Open NAT, does he have bad connections, does this happen for other games in a way? I’d tell him to either contact 343 support or Microsoft support. It could be just some connection issues.

No, he has great connectivity, and the game has worked for him before, but it stopped working for him some time after Christmas. He’s tried other copies in his apartment, those don’t work either, and tried clearing his cache, also failing. I should note that after months of not playing the game, he tried it yesterday and he didn’t receive any patches of any kind, and I know for a FACT, that he didn’t play the game enough to patch in the first five episodes of Spartan Ops.

Also, I read somewhere that this problem might be caused by a corrupted hard drive, though he says he will not be replacing it if that is the case.

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