Friend and I can't play together. Open Nat.

I’m sorry I didn’t know where else to put this. I’m having some real trouble trying to play Halo 4 matchmaking with my friend and wondering if there is any easy solution. I’ve been looking through a ton of old forum posts and the faq but couldn’t find anything. I did see some people with the same problem but no solutions. I just bought him the game as a gift and we played through co-op just fine but matchmaking is being very frustrating.

In matchmaking we both can play just fine as long as we are alone. The instant I try to join a game he is in he will be kicked. We can join together in a party, find a match and without fail sometime into the game, sometimes even before it starts he will be kicked out of party and game. We have made it entire games before but very rarely. I never get kicked and it seems like most times he is the host of the game because it stops the whole game for everybody which must be frustrating for them also. Today he played for a couple hours without any problems, I got on, joined his session and he was immediately kicked.

Both our NAT types are open. I have forwarded all my ports using a guide I found on here when the game first came out. I had a similar problem then when I couldn’t play with another friend, that problem was almost worse in that we couldn’t even join each others parties and had to find a 3rd person to host in order to play together. I can’t even try that option out now as I bought this game for my friend because I had literally no one else to play with. It’s just been pure frustration and I have had no problems in other online games.

I’m not sure if the problem is on my end or his. As he can play fine until I come along. I have done all I can but it might be something on his end I can’t fix over the phone with him. He’s not as technically inclined and I haven’t had him try and mess with his ports yet. Thought it couldn’t hurt asking here first if something easy can be done.

Anyways thanks.

This sounds like this may be an issue with one of your connections to Xbox Live, rather than game specific–have you contacted @XboxSupport on twitter yet? =)

They’re awesome and very speedy.