"Friday Night Firefight"

I’ve been wanting to get a community of people together on Friday nights to start playing Warzone Firefight, and/or Warzone, on Halo 5.
Figured it would be fun to get a consistent thing going that people can come together around and just hang out on a consistent basis.

It doesn’t have to be the same group of people every week, and people can pop in and pop out as needed.
In the case that enough people are interested, I’ll probably end up starting a spartan company as well.
That way I’ll have an easy way of keeping track of everyone who wants to be included and add some more structure to it.
If this sounds like fun to you, add my GT: iJuicySteak, and send me a message that you want to be included in this.

I wanted to start yesterday, but something came up, and I had to be out of town, unfortunately.
I still want to get a head start, though, and start tonight with a rough schedule of 10PM-2AM CT, and then move to every Friday night at the same time from here on out.
Like I said above, if you’re interested then hmu (earlier than 10 if possible), and I’ll be sure to invite you when it gets started.
I’ll be on during that timeframe regardless of if this posts gets feedback or not, but I hope to see some of my fellow Spartans as well!

Played with you yesterday, count me in the following Friday Nights.

> 2535447013622473;2:
> Hey!
> Played with you yesterday, count me in the following Friday Nights.

Awesome to hear, man, will do. I’ll be sure to keep a spot open for you. You were a solid player and knew a lot about the game, so I’m glad you’ll be back again next week!