Friday Night Customs

Really craving some decent halo games so gonna give customs a try (because matchmaking with parties is still abysmal.) Going to try and start around 9 pm central tonight. I’m sick of Team Slayer BR being the only thing that is played in MCC so will probably stick with multi flag ctf (with the occasional other gametype maybe thrown in there.) H1, H2A, H2C, H3. leave your gamertag for invites or message me tonight:
Lxi Alpha ixL

ill play send me a message @John Drop Dead

ill play send me a message @John Drop Dead

GT: paradlse (no that’s not a typo it’s actually an L)

Yeh im in

GT: Filthy Scholar

I will probably bring friends too

Alright I’ll send out invites whenever I get on with my friend tonight.



Halo MCC God