Friday Caption Fun 6

It’s caption time! Read the details, check out the picture, and provide your caption by posting a response in this thread. Easy peasy, right? Off you go!

Spartans don’t cry. At least they avoid the ones that do.

Why must I cry? Why must I cry? Why must I cryyyyyyyy?

Time out! I dropped my contact!

I’m too old for this s***!

F*** Close the blinds! Screen glare! Time out Time out!

Blue: I’m sneaking…! Sneak, sneak, sneak-ah-mah, sneak! Green: [face-palm]

Kahn: Kirk, did you call me?

GAH! STupid malfunctioning energy sword!

Green: -Yoink!- Blue, I said no cheats!
Blue: What? I’m insulted! I didn’t cheat!
Green: You’re telling me there wasn’t anything in that water you gave me? Riiiight. A**hole.
Blue: Cheating, competitive advantage. You’re so picky.



Dude, it’s on the visor. At least the green matches.

“I’ll cover my eyes and count to 10, you hide, and I’ll find you. Go! One one-thousand, two one-thousand…”
“You’re peeking!”
“No I’m not!”

As blue hides …

Green: I killed blue! Sniff Sniff, I know we said sword play only but when I found that plasma grenade I had to throw it at you…

Man I have a headache…

See I told you kids not to play swords. Now Johnny has lost an eye!!

Green: Are you teabagging red again?

Blue: Maaaaaybe

Green: “Damn, he is right around the corner isn’t he?”

Green: Why Jimmy, why did you leave me in this enchanted forest called Pixie Forest! WHY!!! Blue: Um, Joe I’m right here. Green: Even now I can hear your voice! Blue: Hey! Why are there mushroom stems around your feet!?

Too many margaritas last night!