Friday Caption Fun 29

It’s caption time! Read the details, check out the picture, and provide your caption by posting a response in this thread. Easy peasy, right? Off you go!

This is why Spartans are not allowed to be clowns.

“And to think the minimum capacity is two!”


commuters suffer from rising bus fares

The UNSC’s recent budget cuts seemed a bit extreme…

looks like the clowns got back into reach again.

Dude look over there!..LOOK AT THAT MONGOOSE!

The recession finally hits the UNSC!

“They’ve always been faster”

“Checking, yep, we have room for two more!”

“Everybody loves the Cole Train, baby!”

Now can we use the carpool lane?

Dog pile on the wabbit!

When they asked me to come to a Mongoose Party, I knew something didn’t sound right.

The UNSC Mongoose Stunt Team before they became famous, or any good.

Define Killtrocity. See picture.

And what we have here is refered to as a BIG Charlie Foxtrot.

And just like that, all of Blue Team simultaneously rage quits.

Spartans always call shotgun.

(driver to himself) why do they always all call shotgun?

i told you to get the warthog, but nooooooo, you went and got the mongoose, better fuel efficiency you said.

ten seconds later there was a flash of light, and a bang, and then there was a voice, “killtrocity”

This is what happens when you are the only one of your class who has a driver license.