Friday Caption Fun 15

It’s caption time! Read the details, check out the picture, and provide your caption by posting a response in this thread. Easy peasy, right? Off you go!

“Awww, my homework isn’t up here either.”

“Damn, my gun fell behind the lockers again…”

Wow, Waldo just isn’t trying anymore.

Told ya that canister wouldn’t fit.


Ha! Who needs a jetpack when you can use a- *tonk

“Pfft, I thought Halo 4 script was locked in here, all those key stealings…”

“Remind me to stop after that 4th Pan-Galactic Gargleblaster.”

Griffball Champion Sven, takes his after game celebrations maybe a tad TOO far.

god what a party dont think i’ll make duty today 'wheres the aspirin@

See kids? This is what happens when you mix Steroids and drugs.

Man, that’s the last time I have a party with an ODST.

which locker has my gun in it… i REALLY need it the elites are coming to ki- *get killed by and elite behind him

“Now. THAT’S a bad texture.”

Chad was finding out just how cut-throat the competition for the Glee Project really was.

I(pant)will…never(pant)use a jetpack again(pant) water!

WHERE ARE MY COOKIES!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Is my Jetpack malfunctioning or was that unexpected boost from the burrito I had for lunch?

Young Jimmy thought a jetpack would make him the coolest kid in school. He was wrong.

Play Dead! They’re watching!

hungover part 4