Friday Caption Fun 13

It’s caption time! Read the details, check out the picture, and provide your caption by posting a response in this thread. Easy peasy, right? Off you go!

“Momma said there’d be days like this O_o?”

“Trying to target locate the rocket of target locator.”

Why the United States didn’t implement Spartans to solve the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Just like 300, arrows= rockets shields=…GUNS?

My momma told me when i was young then ill be a super rocket. Wait that was lady gaga.

Hey camera guy look at me ill make a wish.

I told you i can summon the red circle of death!

3…2…1… Target Received please stand by… hello Spartan.

“Prepare to get dropped.”

Whooooops… wrong gun.

Is that an ODST???

Don’t you wish your rocket was hot like this.


Somebody once told me a rocket’s gonna kill me, so i took a grunt and made it my shield. And he said hey spartan im sorry i killed your girlfriend. Prophet just told me or he’ll turn me to plasma. I knew i killed and hurt people, but it’s just a job i got from McDonalds. So what i told him ill just shoot your head right now so beat it!

OMG! its its a oh wait never mind.

Tucker: “Caboose,what did Church tell you about friendly fire?”
Caboose: “He said not to kill Church!”
Tucker: “Awh,son of a-”

This camera has great zoom.

“I left my keys over here. Has anyone seen my keys? excuse me sir, have y- Uh oh…”

Ummm… that actually has my name on it.