Friday Caption Fun 1

It’s caption time! Read the details, check out the picture, and provide your caption by posting a response in this thread. Easy peasy, right? Off you go!

Elite: Have you ever had The Blackness?

Grunt Response 1: Yah, but even food -Yoink!- are better than that
Grunt Response 2: Yah, it’s delicious! Once you go Black, you never go back

I can’t decide…

I’ll have a water. Last time I had a purple concoction, I woke up in Tijuana.

“Two dollars for a coke!?”

Grunt " Whats mine say"
Elite " Grape, what about mine"
Grunt " Waterrrrrrrr Dude"

Then they keep saying it for a minute

“And Den”

Shibby !!

Elite:I hate Decisions! Josh
Elite:Because i can get Blue berry blue and have a terrible day like being rocketed by those damn Humans. But if i drink Bitter Brown i can have a great day and kill a Human. And what if im wrong what if only one of these can keep me from dying! AHHHHH.
Josh(Grunt):You think to much…

Elite: Wort wort wort orange, wort wort.
Grunt: Yay!!!

“What? No Nuka-Cola?”

Grunt: “We’ve been staring at this for 3 hours, and I don’t feel any more refreshed”
Elite: “Stare harder fool!”

Elite: “How the hell do they fit so many different flavors in this tiny little machine?”

Grunt: “Dude, for the last time, I don’t know! You ask me that every time we pass by this machine.”

Grunt: “Stop pushing the Green Sour button. It just keeps spitting out those stupid, unrefreshing and un-sour leaves!”
Elite: “Wort?”

I know, not funny.

grunt: Why are we looking at this again?
elite: Wort wort wort…
grunt: I dare you!

Grunt: There are no food -Yoink!-!
Elite: Yeah? Well I need a straw…

With Needle rifle in hand the Elite vows this vending machine will never steal another Grunts dollar again!

I’ve got 3 for ya :wink:

Ooooh… I’ve always wanted to try “The Blackness”

Elite: Purple?! But we’re made of Purple…By the Maker… Purple Drink is People!

Grunt: We’re People?

Grunt: So… What is it?

Elite: I think it’s those “video games” we’ve been hearing all about.

Grunt: Oh… I wanna play the Orange one!

Elite: Wort wort wort!

Grunt: Hmm… Lets see…

Elite: Wort?

Grunt: Nope, no worts.

Elite: -.-

Elite: What should we get?
Grunt: Definitely The Blackness…

Elite: Wha-Why? Sounds disgusting!

Grunt: Well we all know Emile is the coolest…Haters gonna hate.

Grunt: Out of order?

Elite: I glassed a planet for this?

Elite: “What do you want?”
Grunt: “Anything that quenches my grunty thirst!”

So, you think just because my armor’s black, that I’m gonna get purple flavor, that’s low man. Real low.