Every time I finish a custom game the damn game freezes EVERY SINGLE TIME it needs to be fixed.

Yep. I need to restart my game after every single game. I’m so over it.


  • Freezing after every custom game
  • freezing after every second arena game
  • Not allowing me to join most custom games, will enter lobby, load bar will go to full then… UNABLE TO JOIN LOL
  • Random kicks from custom games I’m hosting (rage worthy)
  • Clicking a playlist such as BTB and it just sits there not going into search but not allowing me to choose another playlist either
  • Most multiplayer searches find all players, then kicks one or two players and sits there for 5 minutes before it kicks everyone and you have to start the search again. Rinse and repeat 3 or 4 times before you finally find a game.
  • Matchmaking games freeze for seconds at a time when a player quits (this used to only happen in custom games). It’s game breaking. It only freezes for a few players. I’ll be on a banshee streak then -BLACK SCREEN-, banshee gets boarded as soon as I come out of black screen.

It’s just so bad omg :frowning: Think I might buy battlefront. Was going to wait for a sale but I literally can’t even play Halo 5 whats the point.

Yep I get it trying to back out of warzone when I finish a game it’s gotten worse since the last update

Support forums are always the place to go to report any bugs or issues, there are a few topics open for this issue already that you can add your feedback to