Freezing Game

Hello guys,

Does anybody of you experienced game freezes lately ?
Had 3 games with a friend of mine and in 2 of them he or me had a freeze which resulted in a kick out of the game after 1 -2 minutes.

This happened pretty much lately and even redownloading the game didn’ t do any good.

Does anybody has the same issues and can help me ?

I have the same issue from time to time and haven’t found any sort of solution.

Honestly happens to me a lot, and it always seems to be at key moments were i need to dodge an enemy power or something, very frustrating.

Played 3 games, 1 giant lag when enemy used glassing beam ( all my units died) and 2 freezes with disconnect ( my friend 1 time and me)
Pretty bad that this isn’ t patched nearly 1 year after release.

I have occasional freezes (I can move the camera but nothing moves) but usually the game continues after a couple of seconds.

Happens to me as well time to time. Very frustrating. The game repeats a machine gun type of sound for 3-5 seconds and then boots me out. It then starts halo wars back up as if I just opened halo wars from the xbox dashboard… The 343 logo and latest information box etc when you start halo wars 2.