Freeze and disconnecting in only blitz

I’ve been playing a lot more halo wars two lately and blitz has been not so good. I played 5 games of blitz and was only able to finish 2. I keep freezing and getting disconnected resulting in me having to close my game completely and restart it. I’ve done vs. AI, firefight, and a couple 1v1s with friends no issues. Blitz is the only time the freezing happens. It’s also killing me and my friend’s placement matches because I have to leave and he’s stuck in a 1v2

I know its been a little bit, but Imma bump this issue because I am the partner of Hallow who is also getting harmed by these random disconnects happening to him. As stated, its only blitz for some reason and we are wondering why. Thank You.

I know its not usually wanted, but I feel the need to bump this as I think it is a pretty bad issue since it basically doesn’t allow my friend to play blitz on Halo Wars 2.